3 Ways Houston Summer Weather Can Impact Your Roof

Protecting your roof is a year-round responsibility for homeowners, but it requires special attention during the summer months. With scorching hot afternoons and sudden thunderstorms, Houston’s summer weather can be harsh on your roof, often leading to unnoticed damages.

Neglected minor damages from previous weather conditions can escalate during the summer season due to subsequent storms and heatwaves, potentially resulting in significant problems down the line.

Timely action is crucial to prevent minor issues from evolving into major repairs or even requiring a complete roof replacement. Explore the common types of roof damage that Houston’s summer weather can cause:

The Impact of Houston’s Summer Weather on Your Roof

  • Deterioration of Roof Decking

Your roof’s foundation lies in its decking, making it a critical component. Damage to the decking indicates potential harm to other parts of the roof.

Most decking consists of plywood or a plywood composite, serving as the base layer for the outer shell of your attic. It supports the weight of the shingles and acts as a protective layer. However, it is not impervious to damage.

Since roof decking is made of wood, it is vulnerable to water damage. Exposure to water can cause warping, bending, and rotting of the wood. As a result, the decking loses its ability to support the rest of the roof and maintain a secure connection with the attic and rafters.

Such damage poses a severe risk, potentially leading to the collapse of your entire roof.

Rotting deckings are not solely caused by leaks from broken shingles or torn underlayment due to summer storms. Improper attic ventilation can also contribute to the damage, originating from within your home.

Inadequate attic ventilation traps heat, causing the attic to overheat. As warm and moisture-laden air accumulates, condensation occurs, leading to wood rot within the attic. Over time, this deterioration spreads to the roof decking, resulting in significant roof damage.

Protect Your Roof from Houston’s Summer Challenges with Houston Restore Pros

Preventing Moss and Mold Growth

Moisture is the primary culprit behind roof damage, posing a threat to the health of your roof. When trapped moisture accumulates in your attic or between the roof layers, it creates an ideal environment for moss and mold to thrive, gradually deteriorating your roof.

Warm and wet climates provide optimal conditions for moss growth on and between shingles. Spores find their way into the tiny cracks within these moist areas, leading to rapid growth. Eventually, the moss can invade your roof, giving your home an unsightly appearance of a thick, green carpet.

Beyond the aesthetic concerns, moss can cause significant long-term roof damage. As it absorbs moisture and rain, concentrated areas of moisture form on your roof. This constant leaking of water into your roof decking undermines the structural foundation of your roof.

Moisture infiltration can also result in the growth of unhealthy mold, affecting not only your attic but other areas of your home as well. When summer storms find their way inside your house, it’s not just your roof at risk but also your well-being.

Addressing Cracked or Warped Shingles

While moisture is a common cause of roof damage, sunlight can be equally harmful. Extreme heat from the sun can wreak havoc on your shingles, just like rain does.

The temperature within your attic can soar up to 65% higher than the external temperature. If it’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside, your roof temperature could reach a scorching 170 degrees! Such intense heat can cause severe shingle damage.

Although asphalt shingles are durable, prolonged exposure to extreme heat can lead to curling, drying out, and brittleness. Consequently, they become vulnerable to cracking during subsequent storms.

Once water seeps through the cracks in your roofing system, the damage compounds, putting your roof at risk.

Embrace Summer with Confidence

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