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Fire & Smoke Damage
Restoration in Houston

Fire is actually a more desirable situation than water damage, since fire can be easily extinguished if discovered early on, but it still has the ability to deliver a serious blow to any home or business in Houston. Scorched walls and furniture, coupled with smoke damage that can be spread throughout the house, far beyond the location of the blaze itself, all mean considerable amount of restoration effort. Houston RestorePros offers a complete array of fire and smoke damage restoration services designed to repair the damage, eliminate smoke odor, and return the home to its original state. Fire damaged property will not improve on its own, and will need to be professionally restored before it is safe for continued occupation.

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After a Fire

The cleanup can seem like an insurmountable process. Besides repairing or replacing all your burned items, there’s also that smoke smell that may seem like it’ll never leave. No matter how bad the damage may seem, however, HRP offers premium cleanup and restoration services for you and your home

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houston smoke damage repair

Getting rid of
Fire Smoke Smell

Black smoke from a fire infiltrates everything in its path. After a fire in your home, even if it’s just one room, you’ll find yourself smelling smoke for days. It seeps into carpeting, furniture, clothing, draperies, books, and even woodwork. If an attempt is made to remove the fire smoke smell by someone who is not a professional, a lot of the times the issue is only masked, and soon becomes worse with time. Houston Restore Pros will help dissipate and clean those smoke particles that have buried themselves into your furniture, walls, and other porous surfaces.

  • Deodorizers and scented sprays will not remove the smell, they only mask.
  • Smoke particles bury themselves into fabrics, fibers, and other porous surfaces.
  • All items need to be deeply cleaned by professionals with expertise and specialized equipment.

Essentially, everything in a home affected by fire smoke needs to be cleaned. This will be either through a very thorough airing, or, in most cases, a very thorough cleaning and sanitation. If there is soot on your belongings, it’s best to let the pros handle them to prevent further damage. When working out how to clean and restore your damaged carpets and upholstery, trust the cleaning experts at Houston Restore Pros for the job. We’ll make sure the smoke smell and ash residue are completely removed from deep within the fibers and fabrics. Another tip that is recommended is to wash down all hard surfaces with a mild detergent and water.

Safety TIP:

“Never eat any food or allow pets to eat food that has been exposed to fire smoke”

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Fire smoke smell and the HVAC SYSTEM

Fire smoke removal from a home or building requires a thorough inspection and cleaning of the HVAC system. Fire smoke embeds itself deep in your ventilation system even after afire has long been gone. All the filters will need to be changed, and the system should be inspected by a HVAC professional to ensure there has been no damage incurred during the fire.

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Juan, Tony, and all the folks over at HRP were fantastic. They came out very soon after we called them and were responsive throughout the several weeks remediation and repair process. They remediated and repaired significant damage caused by a water leak in an interior bathroom that had spread into an adjacent pantry and through an adjacent room. We will definitely use their services again if ever needed.

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