Gentle Home Exterior Maintenance: Embrace Soft Washing for Your Old Home

Keeping your vintage home looking fresh and inviting requires regular exterior cleaning. Discover the art of soft washing, a safe and effective method to rejuvenate delicate surfaces like windows and rooftops. Learn valuable tips for annual soft washing to maintain the allure of your old home.

Unveiling the Magic of Soft Washing

Over time, your home’s roof, siding, and windows can accumulate algae, bacteria, and organic debris. Traditional power washing with high pressure and hot water might cause damage to fragile building materials. Instead, opt for soft washing, a method that utilizes low-pressure water combined with a special cleaning solution containing algaecides, surfactants, and bleach. Say goodbye to algae, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and moss with the power of soft washing.

Initially developed for safely cleaning algae off rooftops, soft washing has evolved to become the go-to solution for delicate surfaces like windows, roof shingles, screens, and exterior siding that cannot withstand high-pressure cleaning.

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: Understanding the Key Differences

While many homeowners are familiar with pressure washing’s high-pressure and hot water approach, it poses a risk of damaging windows, roof shingles, screens, and wood paneling.

Embrace the gentle touch of soft washing, offering numerous benefits such as extending the lifespan of your roof. Regular soft washing removes the buildup of lichen, fungi, and algae, safeguarding your roof’s longevity.

Soft washing also protects your landscape investment by reducing the risk of damage to surrounding plant life, unlike pressure washing, which can be harsh and destructive.

Make an eco-friendly choice with biodegradable soft washing cleaners, avoiding the harsh chemicals found in pressure washing solutions. Additionally, soft washing eliminates the need for scraping surfaces, minimizing potential damage to your property.

Unveiling the Art of Home Soft Washing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Safeguard your surroundings by covering plant life with plastic before soft washing. Rinse the grass, bushes, and shrubs with water during and after cleaning. Equip yourself with a soft wash system featuring the right nozzle for desired pressure.

Acquire a potent chemical solution containing bleach to eradicate mildew, mold, algae, moss, and fungi from rooftops. The solution’s surfactant dislodges debris, making way for effective cleaning.

Apply the solution using an agricultural sprayer, working in 10-foot sections from bottom to top. Allow the solution to penetrate deeply into the roof material, ensuring thorough elimination of organic materials.

When soft washing siding, a rinse is essential. Utilize the soft washer system’s black 65-degree nozzle or a garden hose for a thorough rinse. The cleaning solution’s contents facilitate easy rinsing.

Optimal Timing for Soft Washing Your Home

Annual soft washing is generally recommended, but frequency varies based on the home’s geographic location. Homes near dirt roads or trees with substantial buildup may require more frequent cleanings.

Heat and humidity create favorable conditions for mold, mildew, and algae, necessitating more frequent soft washes. Post-storm soft washing is advisable to tackle spore-related issues.

Prioritize safety by using personal protective equipment, maintaining ladders, and handling chemical cleaners with care. For those seeking professional expertise, consult Houston Restore Pros, a trusted soft wash roof cleaning company.

Prevent rooftop damage caused by algae, mold, moss, mildew, and bacteria accumulation through regular soft washing. Rely on Houston Restore Pros for professional soft wash roof cleaning services.

Our trained specialists use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products to restore your rooftop’s original appearance and eliminate all contaminants.

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