The Significance of Moisture Evaluation Prior to Roof Repair or Replacement

When confronted with a roof problem, the decision to repair, restore, or replace it becomes crucial. Often, roofs deteriorate over time due to weather conditions and general wear and tear. Consequently, it is vital to proactively maintain your roof and its components to prevent major and costly damages.

One of the leading causes of roof damage is wet insulation. Here are several issues associated with wet insulation in the context of commercial roofing:

  • Roof leakage leading to interior water damage to your property.
  • Increased energy bills as wet insulation acts as an energy conductor.
  • Growth of mold due to excessive moisture.
  • Corrosion of roofing fasteners and compromised roof performance.
  • Excessive trapped moisture vaporizing and adversely affecting the roofing system’s adhesive.
  • Rapid deterioration of the roofing system.

Even with regular maintenance, commercial roofs may still suffer damage. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the following steps before opting for roof replacement:

Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Conducting a thorough inspection will help determine if your roof has been affected by weather conditions and standing water, necessitating replacement. Technicians will examine failed joints, loose or missing sections, and areas where the roof has separated from the surface. Different roof types (pitched vs. flat) present distinct issues that technicians will carefully assess. Pitched roofs may exhibit visible damage to shingles, curling, and panel corrosion, among others. Conversely, flat roofs are susceptible to roof membrane punctures, failed seams, blistering, and even the growth of vegetation.

Roof Moisture Survey

Employing non-destructive testing methods, technicians can conduct a moisture survey of the roof to determine if replacement is necessary.

Comprehensive Roof Assessment & Inspection

Prior to making any decisions about a damaged roof, it is crucial to conduct a thorough assessment in order to make an informed choice. By getting your roof inspected and evaluating the extent of damage, you can choose the most cost-effective option.

The initial step is to assess the condition of the roof, including its installation history, whether it was originally installed or replaced, and if so, whether it was a complete removal or installed over an existing roof. Furthermore, reviewing the roof’s repair and inspection records helps identify any ongoing or new issues that may have arisen, enabling you to determine the best approach for repairs.

Additionally, maintenance records provide valuable insight into the roof’s upkeep, cost fluctuations, recurring issues, and the quality of previous repairs. Considering factors such as the frequency of roof access, building usage, and any plans for renovation or demolition are also important in deciding whether the roof requires repair or replacement.

Advanced Moisture Survey Options

Depending on the type of roof and the nature of the damage, there are a variety of advanced moisture surveys available in the market. These surveys aid in identifying the underlying causes of roof damage and assist in making informed decisions about repair or replacement. By leveraging accurate data, you can extend the lifespan of your roof and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The following are the different types of moisture surveys that can be employed:

  • Infrared Thermography or IR Scan:

This survey utilizes temperature differences to identify anomalies within the roofing system. Conducted at night, it produces a CAD drawing that pinpoints thermal irregularities.

  • Nuclear Scans:

These surveys detect and highlight varying levels of trapped hydrogen ions within the roofing system, indicating areas of moisture accumulation and potential leaks.

  • Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM):

This survey precisely locates points of moisture entry in the roof system, facilitating effective repairs. It can also be used to verify the success of repairs once completed.

  • Capacitance Moisture Meters:

These devices detect moisture by measuring the conductivity between two electrodes, providing accurate moisture readings. However, they can be time-consuming and costly to utilize.

Utilizing the objective data from moisture surveys is crucial in making decisions about roof repair, restoration, or replacement. Equally important is the involvement of highly skilled and trained roofing professionals who can conduct these tests and interpret the results. Additionally, it is vital to have roofing experts perform a visual inspection to enhance the assessment of your roof’s condition. They should also work within your specific requirements and budget, understanding that this investment is significant for you.

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